Current Projects

Projects in Hawai’i and Beyond

We strive to provide robust and place-based knowledge and expertise to get you to where you want to be. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of our clients and local stakeholders, but also help them move forward and develop suitable approaches successfully.

University of Guam

Guam EPSCoR GECCO 2020-2025

We are currently conducting the external evaluation for the Guam Ecosystems Collaboratorium for Corals and Oceans (GECCO) National Science Foundation EPSCoR RII Track 1 Award to the University of Guam. 

University of Guam

Guam NSF EPSCOR Evaluation 2015-2020

The University of Guam received a $6 million Award to research climate change impact on coral reefs. Our team has been conducting the external evaluation of the Guam EPSCoR Program since 2015.

University of Guam/ University of Hawaiʻi

NIH/NCI U-54 Program Evaluation (2020-2025)

We are excited to begin the Program Evaluation for a five-year award to the University of Guam and University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center for the Pacific Island Partnership for Cancer Health Equity (PIPCHE) project. The $5 million partnership is funded by the National Institutes for Health, National Cancer Institute.

Consultancy with the State of Hawaii

Archiving and Preservation

We are currently working on a project with the University of Hawaii, the State of Hawaii's Office of Environmental Quality Control, and The Office of Hawaiian Affairs for the conservation of decades of environmental research. The "Environmental Center Conservation Project" will ensure that all environmental disclosure documents located at the university's now closed Environmental Center is not only preserved (scanned), but also made available to the community as a resource. (ONGOING)

Pacific Disaster Center/ USAID

External Evaluation ASEAN

We are currently working with the Pacific Disaster Center and USAID to assess the impact their implementation of DisasterAWARE platforms to build disaster monitoring and early warning capacity in the ASEAN region. (ONGOING)

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