Recent Clients


Thriving Earth Exchange/Advancing Earth and Space Science (AGU). Program Evaluation. (Completed December 2019).


Pacific Disaster Center (ongoing). Disaster Monitoring and Early Warning Capacity Development in the ASEAN Region. A USAID-funded Program. (2019-2021)


University of Guam (ongoing). Guam EPSCoR Program. National Science Foundation (NSF) EPSCoR Track 1: Guam Ecosystems Collaboratorium   (2015-2020).

University of Guam (ongoing). INCLUDES Program Evaluation.  National Science Foundation (NSF) INCLUDES DDLP. Growing STEM Launch Pilot. (2018-2020).

University of Hawaii. Hawai‘i EPSCoR Program. National Science Foundation (NSF) EPSCoR Track 1: IMUA. John M. Knox & Associates. (2010-2015).


State of Hawaii, University of Hawaii, Office of Environmental Quality Control, Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Environmental Center Conservation Project (2018-2019)

Other Research

Trees for Honolulu’s Future. The Benefits of Trees in a City Far Outweigh Their Costs. Research Report (June 2018).  


Assessing Collaborative Governance Through Alternate Rationales: A Case Study of Watershed Partnerships in Hawai‘i. University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Doctoral Thesis. (May 2018).

Socio-Economic Research

CNMI Department of Public Lands. Population Forecasts for Master Planning by CNMI Dept. of Public Lands. John M. Knox & Associates.  (January 2018).

Hawai’i Community Development Authority. Socio-Economic Impact Analysis for the Kakaako Community Development District TOD Overlay PLAN EIS. John M. Knox & Associates. (July, 2015). 

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