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Program and Policy Evaluation

We primarily focus on preparing and implementing policy and program evaluation plans, setting long and short term goals, and establishing metrics to track progress over time.

Research and Data Collection

We help clients and stakeholders gather information through convening; bringing together all stakeholders through facilitation, organizing focus groups, or devising and administering surveys.

Land Use and Strategic Planning

We conduct research that informs socio-economic and strategic planning, securing land use permits and entitlements and/or economic development strategies.

Advocacy and Partnerships

We help to promote greater understanding and advocate on behalf of stakeholders, offering support in grant writing, fostering agreements such as public-private partnerships, and drafting legislative testimonies.

Sara Bolduc Planning and Evaluation LLC (SBPE)  offers a wide range of consulting services including policy and program evaluation; survey design, implementation and analysis; community outreach and facilitation; environmental and legislative review; environmental and land use planning research, and socioeconomic research in Hawai‘i and the Pacific. 


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